Event Management

Disk and Jockey Event Promotion and Management

At Disk and Jockey Entertainment we promo and manage different types of events ranging from a concert, night club, the opening of new business, a career fair, a sports competition or many more. We have a talented and creative team of promoters who are skilled and advertising and public relations strategies.  We also have a street team whose job is to hand out promotion materials of your event and creating a buzz about your event on the street. Our team of promoters has excellent people skills and is good at building relationships with clients.

Our team posses an excellent and creative graphic designer whose job is to create advertising materials such as coupons, posters or brochures.

We can also run and manage your event for you. We possess a team of event management expert who have years of experience in running and managing events. They job is to make sure that your event is well organized and run.

As an organization we also run our own Events, we usually hold one event each month. Our event are well organized and properly managed, and ranges from night club, fashion show to concerts.


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