An opportunity to represent your country

Miss Congo Year 2011 brings to you:
“Organic beauty contest of Congo Uk”

Once upon a time in the prestigious town of London, hundreds of beautiful girls from Democratic Republic of Congo were brought before the jury of respectable citizens. The most eminent was crowned the title “The bearer of all jewels”. Thus passed UK’s First Congolese beauty contest.

Today Disk&Jockey Ents. are proud to invite you to take part in one of UK’s most successful African Beauty contest. The contest has been held since 2006 where Gina won Miss Congo UK 2006, then later Amelia Lola won Miss Congo UK 2010.

During the year, each girl will be trained week to week to be competent, youthful with strong female discipline. It requires alot of commitment and determination. The competition is based on inner beauty, outer beauty and personal skills. The most beautiful girls will come to the final competition which will take place in The city of London. Best of the best will be chosen by voting of the guests of the competition.

There are three categories of wear, Evening dress, Swimwear, Traditional Wear. Competition also includes Best Talent and Best Evening Wear, amongst the Three Finalist.

Miss Congo UK gives equal chances to all girls from Democratic of Congo bloodline to represent their families traditional tribes, whether mother or father. It provides a unique opportunity to become famous, meet interesting people and get the Grand Prize!!! Many signed contracts may include Modeling, participant in Internatinal Beauty Pageants, Fashion Shows and Advertising of International Companies.

Do Not Miss The Chance To Change Your Life.

For more information and any queries please do not hesitate to contact our Disk & Jockey Team: 07538330943 BBpin: 20E6A1C9
07946772309 BBpin: 22757EED
Email : diskandjockey@googlemail.com
Facebook: Disk-and Jockey-Entz
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