Disk & Jockey Model Management.


We have been created to help aspiring male and female models from the starting age of 18 years old, break into the modelling industry safely and effectively using our knowledge and experience of the fashion industry.

There are thousands of people that want to become a model; it can be a fantastic career and very lucrative one given that you have the look, confidence and style.

Disk & Jockey Model Management aims to provide a starting point for aspiring models to not only break into the industry, but to ultimately put the model in a position to find out if they have the potential to success in the industry, and equip them with the tools to be signed to a legitimate agency.

The modelling industry is incredibly competitive and getting an agency to take you seriously especially if you have no previous experience is very difficult, and that’s where we come in!!!
Although we are not an agency we can give you non biased help and advice on starting your modelling career and how to truly succeed in the modelling industry

We offer exciting model platform for new faces, aspiring models and professional models. Our model network connects individuals with reputable agencies and photographers around the world. Modeling industry professionals use our services regularly to find models and discover new talent.

For more information and any quiries please do not hesitate to contact our Disk & Jockey Team: 07538330943 BBpin: 20E6A1C9
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Facebook: Disk-and Jockey-Entz
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