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Disk and Jockey Artist/Talent Management

Disk & Jockey Artist/Talent Management is the home of recruiting artists and a wide range of talent. We are continuously seeking for new talent in the world of performing arts and entertainment. We’re highly selective when recruiting for artists. We share certain core values which are: to know, serve and trust, striving for perfection and simultaneous promotion of all interests.

The Artist/Talent managers include a diverse selection of individuals who specialize in the careers of rappers, mc’s, singers, and vocalists, as well as comedians, presenters, dancers, dj’s, actors, and poets within the entertainment industry. We work with artists of every genre in the modern and popular industry including rock, dance, electro, pop, indie and urban music.

Our aim is to fully nurture, develop and promote, to help artists boost their career opportunities. The work and development we provide is innovative and creative to be able to deliver at the highest standard both national and international.

We provide some of the best quality service in;

  • Single/album distribution,
  • Production
  • Promotion/Advertisement,
  • A&R,
  • Web/Social Network Marketing.
  • Bookings

Through our skills, expertise and further development of collaborative efforts, we at Disk & Jockey are able to seek for opportunities and are responsible for helping to develop an artist and help the artist obtain a record label.This will be done using a wide range of resources in order to help maximize the artist’s career. Disk & Jockey will take care of the day to day business related work, in the effort to protect artists’ interests and effectively negotiate on their behalf. Therefore the artist is free to concentrate on creativity, writing, recording, performing, touring etc.

And, above all, Disk & Jockey Management shares a passion and depth of commitment for all the members and artists within the team whilst delivering the best quality service.

Who’s who @ Disk & Jockey Artist and Management?

Reagan Panzu – Manager/Producer

Lax Pululu – Manager

Artists include:

Raze – Mc

Impact – Mc

L.V- Rapper

Genevieve -Singer

Secret – Singer

Kinoi Starz 243 – Dancer


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